Pack of 2 Magic Tap Automatic Dispenser

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This one hand-operation allows children to get their own drinks easily without helps from adults. Just make sure you put the container within children reach. Please remember that the pumping mechanism displaces a small volume of beverage, so you may need to pour a glass of it first before you can insert Magic Tap into the container.
Benefits and Features of the Magic Tap
The benefits of this drink dispenser may not seem obvious at first, so here are the ones I have discovered so far:

No more drips and spills in the refrigerator.
Save money because drink jugs are not spilled.
Save time since the kids can serve themselves.
Works with all beverages. (At least normal ones.)
Save even more money because you can buy jumbo bottles instead of small sizes.
Easy to clean.
Battery operated so works at home or on a picnic.
Eco-friendly since you’re not buying tons of smaller plastic bottles.
100 Rupees Delivery Charges
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