3D Enlarged Screen Used For Smartphones

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  • 3D Enlarged Screen For Smartphones
  • Folding design, small volume, convenient to carry on business travel
  • Magnify screen to protect your eyes
  • Reduce eye fatigue of movies and television brought on mobile phone, and stinging eyes and tears phenomenon
  • Make mobile phone screen bigger,imagery stronger
  • Can be zoom in three times of the mobile phone screen
  • Without the power drive,energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Material:┬áPlastic
  • Ideal Gift For Him/Her
  • How to use:
  • Lift up the magnifier, base and back support plate
  • Place your mobile phone on back support plate can adjust to the correct position which suits you,and your mobile phone must parallel to the magnifier
  • Dimension (approx):
  • Screen Amplifier Size: 16.5 x 10cm/6.50ÔÇ│ x 3.94ÔÇ│

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