Darksiders: Warmastered Edition v1 update Download

Darksiders: Warmastered Edition v1 update Download

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Darksiders: Warmastered Edition + Update 11 (CS: 2617)

Release date: November 29, 2016; Update April 11-10, 2017

Genre / Genre: Action, sword, third person, 3D

Developer: Vigil Games, Game Shot

Publisher: THQ Nordic

Platform: PC

Machine: at home

Steam Rating: 84% positive reviews from users (based on a thousand chetyrestasoroksatu review)

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Czech, Korean, Portuguese-Brazilian, Chinese

Audio Language: English, French, Italian,Germany, Spain, Japan, Russia

Crack: embedded (Prophet-RELOADED / CODEX / 3DM / ALI213)

Minimum requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU


Video Card: Features DirectX 10 level AMD or NVIDIA card with 1GB VRAM

DirectX: 11

HDD space: 23 GB

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Being deceived by the evil forces in peredchasnov brings about the end of the world, war on the first HorsemanOf Revelation is accused of breaking religious law, inciting war between Heaven and Hell. The massacre was followed by an evil force defeated nebesnyehozya and claimed Earth.

Carried a charred Holy Council charged with war crimes and shed its power. Rejected and before his own death, War was given the opportunity to return to earth to seek the truth and punish those responsible.

The Huntedmstivoi group of angels, voynadolzhna to take the power of hell, form an allianceAnxious with the demons he hunts, and travels across the earth-ravaged remains on his quest for vengeance and justification.

Warmastered edition feature

Supports up to 4k video resolution output

Twice the resolution of all textures

Povtornopredostavlyayutsyaangin in high quality

Provision of improvements and changes

Best quality shadow rendering

Post processing effect,

Frame rate optimized

RozmaittyaVariantiv Graphics (FOV, postprocessing effects, anti-aliasing, filtering texture, flying/ Fullscreen etc)

Steam trading card

Podderzhkakontrollerapasangan original

Wrapback Features

On the basis of ISO Release: (23526721536 bytes)

Upgrade 11 installed floors; Game Version: CS: 2617

Alternative crack from CODEX, 3DM and ALI213 NoDVD folders available after installation

100% Lossless MD5 Perfect: all files that are identical to the original after installation


Much smaller file size (uncompressed from GB)

The installation takes about 20 minutes on the CPU+ 8-core SSD; ~ 35 minutes on 4 CPU + HDD core; ~ 01: 00 for 2 CPU + HDD cores

After checking the integrity of the set, so you can make sure everything is set up correctly

Space on hard disceposle installation: 23 GB

Language You can change the match settings

Repacked by FitGirl


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The following files can be pushed with old rape, savings GB Traffic:

SONOther files have changed.

Time problemyvinstallation?

Read this troubleshooting guide to backup