Wax Heater Roller

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1.Before use,make sure the skin is absolutely clean.

2.Insert the wax into the wax machine.

3.Plug the wax machine into the main machine,connect the main power and turn on the power.

4.Heat the wax for about 20-30min. Then begin to use.

5.Move the products to the direction that the hair grows, and cover the area of 15-18square centimeters.Make sure suitable the temperature of wax treatment. If the wax is too hot, wait for a while then to begin the operation. Or place the wax on the hair-removal paper for use.

6.Use the paper band on the treatment area. Use hand to press down the hair grows.

7.Tear off the hair-removal paper to the reverse direction that the hair-removal to clean.

8.After hair removal, use the cleanser for hair-removal to clean.

9.After cleaning, use the moisture without fragrance to do massage.


Voltage:110V /220V

Power: 40W

Plug type:US Plug

Package Includes:

1x Pink Depilatory Heater

1x Charge Cable

1x User Manual


Cut the power before cleaning.

Don’t use in sensitive skin or skins that have other problems.

Don’t expose in sunlights and UV 24 hour after the wax treatment

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