Star Light Shower Projector

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Safe – No more unsafe, rickety ladders or dangerous hanging tree lights Wide coverage – Over 600 square feet of brilliant, beautiful star light Weather-resistant – Forget replacing blown bulbs or fiddling with cords in the snow Christmas light projector lets you create a festive look around your home in minutes Envelope your home in a laser light show of green, red, or a combination of stars Bring the brilliance of stars to your home. Star Shower is easy to set up and showers your home in beautiful, festive stars while using 99 percent less energy than conventional string lights. With up to 600 square feet of display space and a 100-yard projection range, you will enjoy a stunning display that is perfect for holidays, parties, celebrations and more 100% Brand New and Good Quality Color: Red,Green. Material: Plastic. Plug Type: US/EU Package Included: 1 x Laser Light 1 x Adapter


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