Magic Glow Drawing Pad

4,000 1,500

Delivery Charges 200
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Magic Pad – The LED writing screen that lights up your drawings and wipes clean
Sparks creativity
Makes learning fun
Reusable – wipes clean
Built-in stand
Color-change button
Great for at home and for travel
Magic Pad looks like a clear screen that you can see right through, set in a frame. But as you draw on Magic Pad, the lines and shapes glow with LED light, like magic! Thanks to Magic Pad’s ‘illumi-screen science’ that turns your drawings into glowing, colourful light, you can add the dimension of colour and light to the simplest doodles and designs. PLUS, you can change the colours or even make them flash at the press of a button! Making art that glows is a great way to have fun passing the time but Magic Pad is also a really useful learning tool, supplied with 30 pre-drawn stencils that you can slide in and trace over with lines of LED light. You can play games, draw your favourite animals and characters and even use it to learn maths and spelling. Best of all, when you’re done just wipe Magic Pad clean and you can create a brand-new design time after time!


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