Kitchen Stove, Waterproof Aluminum Foil Oil-Proof Wall Sticker

1,900 999

Key Features

  • Waterproof Aluminum Foil
  • Easy to Clean
  • Size:¬†40cm x 2m
  • Delivery Chargers 200

Buy Kitchen Stove, Waterproof Aluminum Foil Oil-proof Wall Sticker from with affordable price and quality. This Self-adhesive wallpaper can be easily pasted and removed. You can easily cut DIY shapes according to your kitchen area, which is very interesting. The removable back sticker has a cuttable grid line for easy measurement and placement, allowing you to easily create a new appearance or repair the appearance of any existing smooth surface. Easily apply for fast and stylish kitchen backsplash updates. This silver sheet can be cut to fit your space and you can easily clean and dry the surface with mild soap and water.

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