Cell Operator Portable Mixer Bottle

4,000 1,550

LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT NEW IMPROVED MOST POWERFUL MIXER – Effortlessly blend and mix the most tenacious of powdered ingredients. Enjoy the stain resistant and rust proof portable mixer!
RECHARGEABLE w/ USB CABLE – it is finally time for you to save money with this fully rechargeable USB cable. No longer use those expensive batteries to mix your favorite drink! Recharge the premium grade lithium-ion batteries at home, in the car, at the gym, or at the office.
EASY OPERATION – As simple as opening the lid, add/pour liquid and nutritional powder, press the power button on the motor to start your vortex mixer.
EASY TO CLEAN – This self-mixing vortex mixer can also be cleaned by adding water and soap. Allow the mixer to create a vortex and rinse it!
BPA FREE – Stainless steel vortex bottle is BPA and DHEA free food grade material. 450ml capacity

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