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Introducing the Snuggie Fleece Blanket. Stay warm from head to toe with this new polyester blanket with sleeves. Now you can lower the thermostat and stay cozy and still have your hands free to read a book, work on your laptop, have a snack or when your just watching TV all with great comfort while lowering your heating bills. The Snuggie is machine washable polyester and one size fits all (48 x 71″). It has over sized sleeves so you can still maintain movement instead of having your hands trapped under a regular blanket. The blanket won’t slip and slide away. It is extremely soft and will keep you snuggly, use it when camping or enjoying an outdoor sporting event this luxurious blanket will keep you warm.


Type Fleece Blanket

Size Fits all (48 x 71″)

Weight 1.0000

Color : BLUE

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