Apple Peeler (GM)

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  • first peeled cracking fixed on the smooth surface, coat knife and paring knife and remove the needle fixed on.
  • rotating crank handle, paring knife to make a fixed pin below, then go into the bottom of the apple cutlery inside.
  • according to rotate the handle clockwise until the rotating disk rotation a week, press the button off the fruit, Apple will be able to cut a good win, this step Note: Please put the blade to a fixed pin below to make sure to take Apple will not scratch the fingers, when peeled, do not put your finger on the peeler to cut to the place, pay attention to safety.
  • finished, rinse with water, dry installed knives and fixed needle sleeve and put a child is not easy to get a place because rotary peeler, paring process is extremely interesting, so the family has a child told some attention safety. In other Blade: Loosen the screws on paring knife, put the old blade out and put new processes put something blade, tighten screws.
  • Product Name: Fruit Peeler
  • Product Material: ABS
  • Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 x 6.875 inches
  • Unit Weight: 0.55kg
  • Use apple peeler, cut fruit simple and easy but also fun!
  • Especially when a large number of cut fruit, essential commodities
  • Round head, with the rotation of peeled fruit, so the fruit skin is thin, does not take a lot of flesh, safe and efficient peeler.
  • This section applies to a similar-sized round apple fruit, small fruit cannot be used.
  • Delicate body, compact easy to use, so Apple Peel work will become a pleasure
  • Easiest way to peel apples ever offered
  • No longer struggle shaving apple skin with one handed apple peeler
  • Spring loaded, flexible blade arm peels over all apple shapes and bumps
  • Suction cups ensure firm grip to countertop
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